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Project List and Experience

August 2011- Campton N.H. Blair Covered Bridge (Irene Storm Damage) View Photos

Built in 1869 it is a Howe truss design at 300í long
During the flooding caused by tropical storm Irene, the side of the bridge was impaled by a large pine tree floating down the river causing structural damage. The following is a list of repairs.

  • Replace broken floor beams
  • Vertical post 6”x8”x20’, the post has a section approx 3’ long that is reduced to 5”x 6” vs 8”x6’.
  • Necessary shoring associated with item # 4 and 5
  • Replace two broken main braces, 6”x6”x20’
  • Replace one broken counter brace, 5”x6”x20’
  • Replace broken nailing girt and associated siding
  • Repair necessary guide rail
  • Necessary scaffolding for work in the roof area
  • Replace the upper lateral X bracing
  • Replace broken roof perlins
  • Replace damaged metal roofing

2011-Branch Brook Campground, Campton, NH (Irene Storm Damage) View Photos

Repair Turkey Jimís Covered Bridge

  • Stabilize and remove the side trusses and floor system of the Turkey Jimís Covered Bridge that had been swept down stream and collided with destroying the main bridge to the island where the campground and residences are located, (plans for the restoration of the Turkey Jimís Covered Bridge are underway)
  • Replacement of the 70í vehicular bridge, timber piles and steel stringers.
  • Owners: Branch Brook Realty Trust
  • Contact: Pedro Pinto or Herb Davidson

2010-2011 Town of Campton, NH View Photos

Replace the Eastern Corners bridge with a new 70' steel vehicular bridge

  • Repair structural damage caused by tropical storm Irene on the Blair Covered bridge
  • Owner: Town of Campton
  • Contact: Ann Marie Foote

2010 Blast Machinery and Flume Restoration, Hopewell Furnace, NHS Elverson, PA View Photos

Replicate the flume to waterwheel

  • Rehabilitate the Blowing Tubs
  • Owner: National Parks Service, Philadelphia, PA
  • Contact: Mr Jeff Finch

2010-2011 Design - Build South Gale Road Bridges View Photos

Build 3 New Vehicular Timber Bridges
Remove and install 3 timber bridges, the bridges are HL 93 per. AASHTO design. They are cast in place footings and abutments.

  • One bridge is a 42' span and two bridges span 47'
  • Owner: Department of Agriculture
  • Forests Service  (White Mountain National Forest)
  • R-9 North East Acquisition Team
  • Engineer: Dubouis & King
  • Contact: Evan Detrick 802-728-3376

2009 - 2010 High Haith Bridge over Squam Lake canalView Photos

New Bridge, two lane with cast in place footings and wing walls with pre- stressed deck

  • Owner: Town of Center Harbor, N.H.
  • General contractor: M.E. Latulippe Construction

2008 - 2009 Bump Covered Bridge ( Queen Post )View Photos

Install temporary shoring in the river, remove bridge supports

  • Dewater, excavate river bed and install new concrete footers and stub wall.
  • Re build and re chink historic stone abutments
  • Apply Nochar fire retardant, re roof
  • Install heavy timber support bents
  • Owner: Town of Campton, N.H.
  • Engineer: Dubois & King, contact Mr. Durfee
  • Contact: Ann Marie Foote

2009 - Private House Preservation, Meredith, N.H.

Evaluation of former tavern / house built circa 1802

  • Siding, shutter and window restoration
  • Owner: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Contact: Mr. Smith

2008 - Relocation of the Whittier Covered BridgeView Photos

Design and install major emergency stabilization of the deteriorated trusses

  • Whittier Covered Bridge built 1870
  • 144' Paddleford arch truss
  • Design and installed temporary shoring in the river and rolled bridge onto dry land
  • Owner: The town of Ossipee, N.H.
  • Engineer: Hoyle Tanner & Associates
  • Contact: Sean James

2007-2008- Winnisquam boat access facilityView Photos

Heavy timber pier/wharf utilizing approx. 50,000 board feet of timber

  • Owner: State of N.H. Fish & Game Dept.
  • General Contractor: M.E. Latulippe Construction
  • Contact: Mr. Latulippe

2007-2008 - Historic Hallsville School, Built in 1891View Photos

Shoring and stabilization of timber roof trusses, bell and clock tower.

  • Disassembling and reconstruction of four 118’ long timber trusses
  • Removal restoration and reinstallation of millwork, tin ceilings
  • Brick and lime mortar restoration
  • Owner: The City of Manchester, N.H.
  • Engineer: Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates
  • Completed with own forces: 100%

2007 Jay covered bridge restoration, recambering & relocation View Photos

Major jacking and timber joinery repair / replacement

  • Relocation back over the river, a move utilizing self propelled hydraulic dollies and rollers to relocate the 160’ long, 100 ton Howe truss covered bridge.
  • Owner: Essex County, NY. / New York DOT
  • General contractor: Luck Bros. Inc. Plattsburgh, NY.
  • Engineer: Schoder Rivers Associates
  • Completed with own forces: 90%

2007- Village Kitchen Restaurant, Moultonboro, N.H.

Design and install helical piersView Photos to support the structure

  • 80' long restaurant with major concrete foundation settlement
  • Jack and shore structure
  • Excavate and expose the foundation
  • Helical piers were supplied by Ideal Foundation Systems, installed by us as we are a licensed installer.
  • Owner: Village Kitchen Restaurant

2005-2006 Timber waterwheel, Hopewell, Pa. View Photos

Replicate the complete 22’ dia. All timber waterwheel which powered two large bellows that supplied air for the blast furnace at the Hopewell National Park

  • Owner: National Park Service, Philadelphia, Pa
  • Contact: Mr. Jeff Finch
  • Own forces: 100%

2005 James Madison’s Montpelier, Montpilier Station, Va.View Photos

Shore and stabilize portions of the Madison’s home circa 1760’s

  • Timber consolidation of heavy timber framing
  • Owner: National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Engineer: DCF, Engineering
  • General contractor: A.M.Graton Associates, Inc

2004-2005 Burkeville Covered Bridge, Conway, MA View Photos

Shore and stabilize 106’ long Howe Truss covered bridge

  • Raised elevation of entire bridge
  • Major timber truss member replacement, installation of new floor system, new cedar shingle roof
  • Owner: Massachusetts Highway Department
  • General contractor: Petricca Construction, Pittsfield, MA
  • Own forces: 100%

2005 Town Hall Bell Tower, (Former Court House) Plymouth, NH 1891View Photos

Repair lightning damage to slate roof, brick cornice and wall on 90’ bell tower

  • Owner: Town of Plymouth, NH

2002-2003 Baptist Church, Ashland, NH (Listed on National Registry of Historic Places, built in 1834)View Photos

Truss and wall restoration of 3-story lime mortar, brick and timber structure

  • Jack and reinforce roof system
  • Realign section of brick wall and restore brick and lime mortar
  • Exterior millwork, interior finish work
  • Installation of interior fire escape stairway
  • Owner: First Free Will Baptist Church of Ashland
  • Own forces:100%

2002 – 2003 Covered bridge fire suppressionView Photos

Sprinkler system, fire retardant paint historic covered bridges around the State of N.H.

  • Owner: State of New Hampshire

2002 State Capitol Building, Concord, NH (Listed on National Registry of Historic Places, built in 1818) View Photos

Install scaffolding, restore and replicate millwork to restore the entire dome

  • Window glazing, painting, gold leaf gilding, moisture protection, lead coated copper roofing and flashings
  • Owner: State of New Hampshire
  • Own forces: 100%

2001 The Souther Tide Mill, Quincy, MA (Listed on National Registry of Historic Places, built around 1880)View Photos

Stabilization of 28’ x 51’, 2 ½ story heavy post and beam structure over the Town River

  • Jack up and replace pilings, repair granite foundation wall
  • Repair and replace timbers on first floor with conventional timber frame method, including new hand-hewn timbers
  • All work performed according to documents prepared by TTL Architects
  • Own forces: 100%

2000 Smith Covered Bridge, Plymouth, NH View Photos

Constructed new bridge using conventional timber frame methods

  • First HS20 rated authentic all timber covered bridge of its size (168’ single span, 2 lanes (Long Truss Arch design), side trusses are 26’ tall x 168’ long, 250,000 board feet of timber)
  • Contact: E.D. Swett Inc.
  • Owner: State of New Hampshire

May 2000 Exeter Town Hall, Exeter, NH View Photos

110’ x 55’, 3-story brick building with cupola, built in 1855

  • Jacking, shoring, rigging, timber truss rehab, and timber epoxy consolidation
  • Masonry and millwork restoration, fabricate new mahogany round top windows, plaster moldings and gilding
  • Contact: Kevin Smart
  • Own forces: 100%

Fall 1999 The Inn on New found Lake, Bridgewater, NH

Jacking, shoring, foundation and timber work on historic inn

1998 Barn Stormers Theatre, Tamworth, NH

Jacking, shoring, foundation work, excavation, steel supports and timber work

1998 (January) White Oak Pond Dam, Holderness, NH

Wooden gate with steel gate control, hardware, concrete repair and water diversion

1998 (July) St. Mark’s Church Bell Tower, Ashland, NH View Photos

Removal of existing tower and building new 90’, timber frame and masonry tower

1997-1998 Barn Restoration, Meredith, NH View Photos

Major restoration of stone foundation, sill, decking, sheathing and major truss restoration

1997 Coombs Covered Bridge, Winchester, NH View Photos

Restoration of 118’, single span with Town Lattice design

  • Jacking, shoring, timber rehab and abutment work
  • (Also completed structural repairs to the Ashuelot Covered Bridge (160’, two span with Town Lattice design for the Town of Winchester, NH)

1997 (June) Jay Covered Bridge, Jay, NYView Photos

Move the covered bridge off the river utilizing cranes and set-up for

  • Contracted by Essex County, NY

1996-1997 Subcontracted by Arnold M Graton Associates

  • New Town Lattice covered bridge in Achumpkee, GA
  • Rehab of covered bridge in Thurmont, MD

Misc. projects

Contracted by the New Hampshire Municipal Association
Inspect and appraise covered bridges insured by the Association

Contracted by towns Montgomery, VT, Hopkinton, NH and Campton, NH
Inspect, clean, and prepare maintenance schedules for covered bridges in these towns

Restoration of Union Village Covered Bridge, Thetford, VT
Jacked, shored, and realigned bridge, replaced necessary structural members
119’, single span, Multiple King Post

Contracted by Graton Associates, Ashland, NH (key member of the following projects)

  • Blair Bridge, Campton, NH (restoration)
  • Sheffield Bridge, Shefield, VT (restoration)
  • Monticello Bridge, Monticello, NY (restoration)
  • Hall Bridge, Saxton’s River, VT (new)
  • Gilbertville Bridge, Gilbertville, MA (restoration)
  • Bath Bridge, Bath, NH (restoration)
  • Jack-O-Lantern Bridge, Woodstock, NH (new)
  • Squam River Bridge, Ashland, NH (new)
  • Utica Road Bridge, Thurmont, MD (restoration)
  • Achumpkee Bridge, Thomaston, GA (new)
    Note: The above bridges are covered wooden bridges of different large truss designs. All have involved major jacking, realignment, stabilization and restoration.
  • Relocation of historic round barn from Passumpsic, VT to the Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT. Disassembled, moved and reassembled the barn, piece by piece
  • Other complete timber frame restorations include eleven churches, meeting houses, and barns, ranging in size from 30’x 30’ to 60’x 120’
  • Exeter Street Theatre on Newbury and Exeter Streets in Boston, MA, truss rehabilitation

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